The Interview Final Trailer – Meet Kim Jong-Un

Surement poche comme film, mais avec toute l’histoire autour du hacking de Sony par les Nord-Coreens (ils ont des ordinateurs??? 😉 , ca vaut la peine de voir le trailer du film qui serait à la source de l’intrusion… film qui d’ailleurs ne verra peut-etre jamais une salle de cinema!!! Wow.

Ca c’est du cyber terrorrisme a son meilleur. Presqu’aussi bon que le film! 😉

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Exercise your freedom of speech – LIKE (or dislike) this trailer! 
Sad that movie theaters and Sony are totally overreacting by pulling the Interview movie. I guess now have international publicity and it will be the most viewed movie of the season when it eventually is released in some form.

We shouldn’t let some faceless hackers run Hollywood and tell us what we can and cannot watch. Exercise your rights of freedom of speech and expression. Makes you appreciate the work of other filmmakers like Charlie Chaplin, Sacha Baron Cohen, Kevin MacDonald and Quentin Tarantino who have made edgy films about dictatorship.

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