A sunflower at infinity

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A sunflower at infinity

This picture by +Roice Nelson shows the ‘view at infinity’ of a honeycomb in hyperbolic space.

A honeycomb is a way of chopping space into polyhedra.  For example, we can chop ordinary 3d space into cubes.  This is called the {4,3,4} honeycomb.  Why?

• a square has 4 sides so its symbol is {4}

• a cube has 3 squares meeting at each corner so its symbol is {4,3}

• the cubical honeycomb has 4 cubes meeting at each edge so its symbol is {4,3,4}

The picture here is a view of the {3,3,7} honeycomb.  This is defined in the same sort of way, but it doesn’t fit into ordinary Euclidean space.  It fits into a curved space called hyperbolic space!   The honeycomb extends forever, and it forms this pattern where it meets the ‘plane at infinity’ of hyperbolic space.

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