Yes these fruits are real

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Yes these fruits are real: Baby-shaped pears, heart-shaped watermelons and square apples are hitting stores in China and Japan. Are these fruits just for fun?

These fruits are created using molds on very young fruits that are still attached to vines or branches. The molds are clamped shut with screws and sheltered from direct sunlight using tough waterproof paper. As the fruit gets older it is able to grow and maintain its shape.
Think these are too bizarre to take off? They have been selling like crazy in China already. The Buddha shaped pears are reportedly very popular.
It takes quite a bit of time and work to perfect these shapes. It took farmers in Japan three years to perfect their heart shaped watermelon.
Is this all frivolous fun or even a waste of time? Well, there are some practical applications to this research. Packing square fruits for transportation could make for a more efficient transport for example. In fact, the square watermelon idea was thought of originally to save space in Japanese supermarkets that have limited space. For now they are still quite expensive, but we will see where this technology takes us.
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