Indian Mathematician Takes Shot At Proving Riemann Hypothesis

Kali & the Kaleidoscope: KNK103: The Crystals of Mt. Zeta

Via: Indian Mathematician Takes Shot At Proving Riemann Hypothesis

The protagonist of this expedition is a creature called the Zeta function which, under certain conditions, squeezes the prime numbers scattered over an imaginary rubber sheet into a straight line. In highly technical language, the hypothesis is very brief: “The non-trivial zeroes of the Riemann-zeta function have real part equal to 1/2” which may take a couple of months for a non-mathematician to fully grasp. This is why during the online workshop we will start with the very basics – what is a prime number?

Start with the basic…. On est loin du but….<sarcasme> bonne chance! </sarcasme>

J’aime bien l’idee d’un workshop en ligne et d’exposer le probleme au plus de monde possible. Malheureusement, c’est plus une facon de faire de l’argent (il faut payer pour participer et/ou suivre l’atelier) qu’un exercice dans le but de resoudre le probleme.

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