Earth may soon have a second sun Earth may soon have a second sun

Via: Earth may soon have a second sun

The star is located in the Orion constellation, about 640 light-years away from Earth. It’s one of the brightest and biggest stars in our galactic neighborhood – if you dropped it in our Solar System, it would extend all the way out to Jupiter, leaving Earth completely engulfed. In stellar terms, it’s predicted to explode in the very near future. Of course, the conversion from stellar to human terms is pretty extreme, as Betelgeuse is predicted to explode anytime in the next million years.

J’aimerais bien voir ca de mon vivant, a condition qu’on ne soit pas directement alignes sur un des poles 😉 Mais disons que les chances sont assez minces avec l’horizon de un million d’annees 🙁

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