Wal-Mart Gets Retail Banking Approval in Canada

The Male Storm: Wal-Mart Gets Retail Banking Approval in Canada

This week Wal-Mart received final approval to offer retail banking services in Canada. Their official launch is on June 15, and they’ve been tight lipped about it so far. I’m hoping that we will see something like the convenient online access provided by Ally along with savings rates to match. Maybe this will finally light a fire under the likes of ING Direct and PC Financial whose rates have been very sadly lacking of late.

Une autre chose a surveiller sera de savoir si ca sera disponible pour les residents du Quebec. Plusieurs banques ne sont pas enregistrees au Quebec a cause des regles differentes imposees par l’AMF.

Via: canadiancapitalist.com: This and That: Don’t Buy Stuff You Can’t Afford and more…

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