Two-Dimensional Pathology: Befunge Two-Dimensional Pathology: Befunge

In Befunge, there’s a read-head that moves over the program. Each step, it executes the instruction under the head. But instead of just moving left or right, it can move left, right, up, or down. “>” is an instruction that tells the head to start moving to the right; “<" tells the head to start moving left; "^" means start moving up, and "v" means to start moving down. So, for example: >v

Is a program that runs an infinite loop: the head will just cycle over those four characters. An even more interesting infinite loop (taken from the befunge documentation) is:

C’est rien, compare a l’autre exemple de code que vous retrouverai sur le site via le lien plus haut. Outch! :-)

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