2 thoughts on “TED: Daniel Kahneman: The riddle of experience vs. memory

  1. Very interesting. And a rather new concept to toy with. Thanks a lot, Carl.

    Now, I think I’m not completely in agreement with Dr. Kahneman. It is obvious why memorizing self got so important a role in our psycho-physiology: evolution through natural selection. But I believe there is more to all this debate, especially for later stages of society (where training for analytical thinking and large scale communication are widely available). I tend to think that at least some part of the human population is using analytical skills more and more in correcting and bonifying the conclusions of the memorizing self. And I mean by that, things are far from simple and I must agree that studying this aspect of human behavior ought to be difficult and delicate.

  2. @Inorog: Ce que j’avais vraiment apprecie, c’est l’idee que nos visions du futur nous apparaissent comme des souvenirs a venir. J’avoue qu’apres l’avoir ecoute, c’est une tres bonne description.

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