Break that contract, expect jolt of financial pain Break that contract, expect jolt of financial pain

Bon article sur les frais pour briser certains contrats. Voici quelques situations illustrees:

Natasha and Brian sold their home halfway through a seven-year term, only to be charged a $46,000 penalty on their $530,000 mortgage with a major bank.

Colin Lewis, a retiree, found TD Canada Trust charging $150 to transfer three RRSPs to a dealer that offered a better interest rate.

“We felt sick after receiving a bill for $1,300-plus in cancellation fees for gas and hydro,” says first-time homeowner Greg Bago, who agreed to a deal with Summitt Energy (and was released without penalty when the Star intervened).

1 thought on “Break that contract, expect jolt of financial pain

  1. Oh! My! Gut! OK, je savais tout cela, j’ai de l’expérience première main (non, pas payé, mais obtenu des réponses aussi effrayantes à des questions tentatives — disons des scéances d’information éducative). Mais c’est toujours aussi enrageant. Le pire est qu’on se laisse faire. Qu’on lit les contrats, on voit — ben, du moins on devrait — les épouventails, et on signe! On n’apprendra jamais.

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