Vatican Gives Blues Brothers Two Thumbs Up

Vatican Gives Blues Brothers Two Thumbs Up

Celebrating their 30th anniversary, The Blues Brothers continue on their “mission from Gahd,” but now with Vatican approval.

Hahaha, ils sont tellement ridicules. Mais disons-le, c’est probablement la chose la plus sensee sortie du Vatican depuis quelques annees…. heu… siecles 😉

Keanu Reeves gives £50 million to unsung heroes of ‘The Matrix’ Keanu Reeves gives £50 million to unsung heroes of ‘The Matrix’

Via: Keanu Reeves Gives £50 Million to Unsung Heroes of ‘Matrix’

Man of the moment Keanu Reeves has shown his generosity by giving away £50 million of his earnings from the Matrix sequels. The 38-year-old decided to hand over the money to the unsung heroes of the sci-fi blockbusters – the costume and special effects teams.

Keanu is expected to make a total of £70 million from the films, thanks to a deal which guarantees him a 15 per cent profit-share, so he will still net around £20 million. Asked about his prodigious act of generosity, the actor said he already had enough cash. “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live on what I have already made for the next few centuries,” he declared.

And it’s not the first time the Beirut-born star has shown his jaw-dropping benevolence. While shooting the films in Australia he amazed the team of stuntmen by giving them each a £6,000 Harley Davidson motorcycle. And the actor, whose sister has leukaemia, has also channelled millions into cancer research.

His gift to the Matrix series’ 29 behind-the-scenes whiz-kids will see each of them receiving £1.75 million.

On dira ce qu’on voudra, on a beau avoir des tonnes d’argent, donner £50,000,000.00 sur £70,000,000.00 est absolument incroyable. On lui souhaite de ne jamais manquer d’argent par la suite! Et que dire des personnes qui recoivent…. une legere augmentation de salaire peut-etre? 😉